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3 Things You Need to Know About Influencers


One of the first things business owners learn about is the power of word of mouth marketing. We can tell our customers we’re fantastic all day long, but those messages just don’t have as much weight as an endorsement from a friend or family member. Customers don’t only listen to people they actually know: purchasing… Continue Reading »

Embrace The Power of the Pop Up: Sell More By Going Where Your Customers Are


Practically every retailer has heard of the pop up shop, but what isn’t common knowledge is the fact that these temporary storefronts – some lasting only a day, while others exist for months – are well on their way to being a business essential. Shopify has declared that pop ups are here to stay, in… Continue Reading »

Google is Your Friend


Introducing a simple Google search into your creative process can save your company from a PR nightmare. Most business owners know that a certain amount of due diligence is an integral part of naming their company, but when it comes to naming product lines or individual products, service offerings, sales events, or even spaces within… Continue Reading »