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Customer Journey Maps Help You Understand Your Business from The Customer’s Perspective


A customer journey map gives business owners a way to see the end-to-end experience their customers have. There are several reasons why it’s important to have a customer journey map available to you. One of the most important is that a customer journey map helps you understand your business from the customer’s perspective. Can You… Continue Reading »

Every Step in the Customer Journey Matters


The customer journey is the process by which people become aware of your business, decide to deal with you, and eventually encourage others to do the same. There are five phases in the customer journey: discovery, education, trust, conversion, and advocacy. Business owners sometimes prioritize the discovery and conversion portion of the customer journey, but… Continue Reading »

Augmented Reality is Going to Transform Retail as We Know It


For a long time, the conversation in retail has centered on creating digital experiences that match the face-to-face experience shoppers expect in brick and mortar stores. Augmented reality is very exciting martech because it makes it possible to provide shoppers with an experience previously unavailable in any setting. For example, consider couch shopping. Anyone who… Continue Reading »