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A festive holiday gift box surrounded by ornaments and an illustrated cycle depicting the many fronts a business has to a consumer.

The Multi-Channel Customer Service Holiday Checklist


The holiday shopping season is in full swing. It’s important to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to provide your customers with a superior shopping experience. A big part of that equation is customer service. Unlike the Olden Days, when customers would be forced to patiently line up at a Customer Service desk… Continue Reading »

The Essential Customer Service Information That Belongs On Your Website


All small business owners have one thing in common. We want our customers to have absolutely excellent experiences. That hinges on everything going perfectly – merchandise that doesn’t disappoint, superior customer service, packaging and shipping that’s nothing less than stellar. Unfortunately, things don’t always go perfectly. Sometimes customers get disappointed. Something goes wrong, and they… Continue Reading »

Crowd Rules Review: Debt


So far, the second episode of Crowd Rules (the one that aired Tuesday, March 21st, 9 pm EST) has been my favorite. That’s because I was lucky enough to attend the original taping and see the show live. The question I got to ask was unfortunately cut from the episode –Tweet me @techTherapist if you… Continue Reading »

At Your Service: Using Social Media for Customer Service


The rationale many businesses give for resisting the social media movement is that word of mouth and other traditional forms of marketing have been working for them. The excuse we hear is “we do not need social media to drum up new business.” However, many companies are missing a critical point: social media is not… Continue Reading »