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Have You Talked to Your Team About Data Security?


Sometimes, when I start talking to an audience about data security, I can see people’s shoulders start relaxing. Almost always, these shoulders belong to the owners of small businesses: they’re convinced that for whatever reason, their business data isn’t valuable enough to interest hackers. “We’re so small we don’t even have proper file sharing,” one… Continue Reading »

The WannaCrypt Ransomware Attack: A Worldwide Wake Up Call


At this point, most of us know that data security breaches are going to happen. Headlines about hackers causing chaos and accessing people’s identifying information appear regularly. The WannaCrypt Ransomware attack is a little different. Rather than sneaking into systems to steal data, the team behind WannaCrypt figured out a way to hold peoples’ computers… Continue Reading »

eBay Security Breach Creates Issues for Small Business Owners


If you’re one of eBay’s 112 million customers, later today, you’ll likely receive an email asking you to change your password. That’s because the auction site has been hit with a massive security breach. The breach, which occurred between late February and early March, involved unauthorized users gaining access to a database which contained encrypted… Continue Reading »