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Keeping Your Company’s Message Afloat in a Tidal Wave of Information


The weather’s been horrific lately. Up here in the Northeast, we’re having some flooding – fairly significant in areas, to the point that some roads in nearby Baltimore were completely washed away. But I’m not a meteorologist, I’m a marketer, and when I see streets overflowing with water, I think about customers facing a tsunami… Continue Reading »


Do You Have Too Many Hands in the Pot?


Technology like cloud-based document sharing and web conferencing has made it easier than ever to collaborate. This has led to many small businesses working with several companies to handle different elements of their digital marketing: one team tackling web design and edits while another creates email marketing campaigns, perhaps internal staff creates and posts blogs,… Continue Reading »


Love Takes Time… And So Does Digital Marketing


Happy Valentine’s Day! Though we’ve all had dreams of love at first site, many of us learned the hard way that love takes time to blossom and develop. As the song goes, “You can’t hurry love.” The same can be said for digital marketing. Though we have become accustomed to the idea that technology allows… Continue Reading »


Olympic Inspired Digital Marketing Problems


As the world watches the Sochi Winter Olympics unfold, the audience is just as interested in the mayhem and mishaps behind the scenes as they are in the athletic feats of the events. In fact, by Friday morning, the Twitter handle @SochiProblems had more followers than the official Olympic Twitter account (@Sochi2014). The fact that… Continue Reading »