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In Digital Marketing, Forgiveness is Expensive

Forgiveness Can Be Way More Expensive Than Permission: Celebrities & Your Marketing


A recent court decision can have a significant impact on the way you use celebrity names or images in your marketing efforts. Richard Young and Matthew T. Ingersoll, of Quarles & Brady, explain the basics in this article in Entrepreneur. Here’s the down and dirty version, just in case you’re in a hurry: Michael Jordan… Continue Reading »

Is Your Content Killing Your Success?


On Monday, we talked about positioning, which is the art of knowing what you want to achieve professionally and the steps you’re going to take to get there. So much of digital marketing hinges on collecting, creating, and sharing the right type of content – but, what, exactly, is the right type of content. Many… Continue Reading »

The Value in Being an April Fool


April Fool’s Day is one of the most divisive holidays out there. Some people absolutely adore April Fool’s Day – they’re out there carefully constructing elaborate pranks and laugh like loons when someone pranks them – while other people hate this celebration with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Yet there’s more to being… Continue Reading »

When Weird Works: Showing Off Your Lighter Side


Recently, Entrepreneur posted a story on Denny’s and how their “Weirdness Wins the Social Media Game.” This got us thinking, why aren’t more small businesses capitalizing on the quirk factor? The answer is that often they’re worried about being offensive, straying too far from their current formula, or simply putting humor out there that their… Continue Reading »