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3 Tech Questions You Want To Ask Your Customers for Better Marketing


If you want your digital marketing efforts to be successful, you’re going to want to talk to your customers about the technology they use and how they use it. It’s never safe to assume anything about your customers’ use of technology: seniors, for example, are often as adept with their smartphones as their grandchildren. Talk… Continue Reading »

fouresquare new feature

Great News for Restaurants and Foodies Alike


Last week we spotlighted social media tips for Food Trucks in honor of the Vendy Awards. Now we’re back with news that will help restaurants – and diners – of all kinds. Location-based check-in social app and business directory, Foursquare, now allows users to perform local searches for specific menu items. Whether you’re craving spaghetti… Continue Reading »

Digital Marketing: What’s Your Plan?


All too often when business owners turn to us they have already attempted to manage their digital marketing on their own with little success. This biggest thing these businesses all have in common: they jumped head first into their digital marketing without first developing a concrete plan backed up by careful research. Proceeding without a… Continue Reading »

How Do You Judge Your Marketing Success If You Can’t Measure It?


One of the biggest roadblocks we see when it comes to digital marketing relates to measuring its success. Often business owners don’t know how to gauge the effects of their digital marketing, or they use the wrong metrics, causing them to believe that it’s just wasted time and effort. Or, conversely, they continue with tools… Continue Reading »