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3 Ways to Help Your Partner Retailers Expand Their Reach on Facebook


Social media is a hugely important marketing tool for both your brand and the partner retailers you do business with. Facebook continues to be the most predominant platform, although Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms are rapidly gaining ground. That being said, Facebook’s recent changes have significantly impacted the organic reach of any content your partner… Continue Reading »

Expanding Your Social Media Reach: Strengthening Local Connections


Facebook has been a major source of frustration lately for many jewelry retailers. The social media giant has adjusted its algorithms in such a way as to significantly limit the organic reach of posts being shared on business pages. Companies that had been consistently reaching hundreds or even thousands of people with their content now… Continue Reading »

Facebook’s Latest Change Could Impact Your Page Likes


Don’t be surprised if you see the number of likes your Facebook page currently has decreasing sometime in the next few weeks. Facebook has announced that it will be removing any page likes associated with pages that have been deactivated, including those whose owners have died. Social media has become so central to our lives,… Continue Reading »