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Facebook Changes You May Have Missed


Facebook has been quietly rolling out several changes that impact small business owners. Some changes from Facebook have been announced on the Facebook Newsroom and others have not. Unlike most of Facebook’s updates, many of these alterations are welcome, and in some cases long-awaited. Still, it seems that Facebook is slowly and inconsistently rolling out… Continue Reading »

Learn Facebook Business Pages

Back To Basics: Facebook Pages


In their first quarter report, Facebook revealed that the social network has a total of 1.11 monthly active users, with 665 million individuals accessing the site each and every day. With such a vast user base, it’s difficult to ignore the social platform’s potential from a marketing standpoint. Still, many businesses avoid Facebook, as well… Continue Reading »

We’ve Got You Covered: What Facebook Cover Guideline Updates Mean for Your Business


Facebook has recently made two major updates: Graph Search and a fresh News Feed layout. With both of these announcements, Facebook began creating buzz for their press events weeks in advance, keeping marketers, business owners, and social media enthusiasts on the edges of their seats. In the last month the company has also proven that… Continue Reading »

Did You Get The Memo? Facebook Covers Now with Only 20% Text


Facebook may provide businesses with a free business page, but you are definitely playing by their rules. In March of 2012 Facebook forced all the business pages to the timeline look we have today. This change gave business pages a cover photo, and what many thought would be more of an opportunity to drive traffic… Continue Reading »