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Get the Skinny on Thin Content


We’ve all heard the phrase “Thin is in.” That may be true on the runway, but on your website – not so much. Too many “thin” pages on your site can actually do more harm than good, hurting your Google rankings and decreasing your chances of being found on the web. Let’s discuss what thin… Continue Reading »

SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


All too often business owners assume that after two months of working with an SEO team, their business will be on the first page of Google for all their desired keywords, and remain there for the long haul, allowing them to discontinue their SEO efforts. Sadly, this is rarely the case. SEO takes time: time… Continue Reading »

data highlighter

Adding Highlighted Data to Your Website


Have you ever searched for something on Google and found that some results look different than others? Some of the items have reviews or images showing up in the search results. Your eye goes right to those results and you take a second to see if that is the site you were interested in as… Continue Reading »

Keep Your Website Healthy with Our Website Monitoring Checklist


Did you know that your business website is a lot like your car? It’s true. We depend on our cars for many things. It’s really hard to get around town without one. Running errands, meeting clients, rushing to the bank: as a business owner, how do you do these things without a car in most… Continue Reading »