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Hashtags are over, have you heard? Brand after brand after brand has tried and failed to capture the public’s interest with unique hashtags; since that hasn’t worked, we’re told, it’s time to abandon the humble hashtag. But what if the hashtag’s not dead? Perhaps the hashtag is simply misunderstood. Rather than trying to create one’s… Continue Reading »

The Writing on the Wall: Understanding the Signature Hashtag


Signature Hashtags are hashtags your company develops and tries to own on social media; the ultimate goal is to get social media users to adopt and use the hashtags, boosting the overall visibility and appeal of your brand. Sometimes a signature hashtag is as simple as using your brand’s name: check out #Pandora or #Harley… Continue Reading »

Hashtag Your Business = #Success


Are you ready for a quiz, small business owners? It’s only one question long. Explain the difference between these two Tweets: What a great day! What a great day! #sarcasm That’s an easy question, isn’t it? The difference is the hashtag. With one simple punctuation mark, the entire meaning of the sentence changed: in the… Continue Reading »