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Obstacles Build Teams and Ideas


On Saturday May 3rd, Technology Therapy team members came together to compete in an Obstacle Course Race. These races, which test speed and agility, are becoming more and more popular. This is our second event as a team, and we learned some great lessons along the way. Working together as a team is important when… Continue Reading »

5 Ways to Give & Gain: Making The Most Out of Your Charitable Donations


If you’re a small business owner, it’s not news to you that times are tight out there. We’re all seeing our customers, friends, and neighbors struggling to make ends meet in the tough economic environment. At this time of year, people are worried about heating their homes, putting food on the table, and making sure… Continue Reading »

Are You Adapting to Digital Change?


The world is growing more wired by the minute. Surely you’ve noticed how your customers are using their smartphones. Apps are being developed and launched at an astonishing rate: the Apple iOS store reports adding more than 20,000 apps a day. The prediction that mobile computers would take over the tech world is proving to… Continue Reading »

bigger fears

Harder Obstacles Means Facing Bigger Fears


On Sunday, September 15th the Technology Therapy Group participated in the BoldrDash – Mud Run. This was the second mud run for our team. This was a much more challenging course than the first Mud Run I faced in July. The obstacles on this course weren’t just tougher for the body. They were tougher on… Continue Reading »