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With Patch in Peril, Rethink Your Hyper-Local Digital Marketing Strategy


When the media talks about a corporation’s decision to downsize as a ‘bloodbath’ it’s never a good sign. AOL, the parent company of Patch, has slashed the hyper-local news website chain’s workforce by nearly half. The future of the company is far from certain, leaving small business owners wondering: What’s the best way to promote… Continue Reading »

Local and Mobile Marketing for Restaurants: Why They Go Hand In Hand


Both local and mobile marketing are important for all small to medium sized businesses, but for restaurants, they go hand in hand. Whether you are a tourist new to the area or a local looking to try something new, if you’re out and about chances are the first thing you’ll pick-up to find the food… Continue Reading »

Lessons from the Super Bowl: Leveraging Local Tools for Small Business Success


Millions of people sat down last night to watch the biggest football game of the year. While some of us have looked forward to the event for the actual game, others simply couldn’t wait to be entertained with the latest batch of Super Bowl Ads. We have to admit, we had a vested interest in… Continue Reading »