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What Motivates Your Customers to Buy?


On June 6th, I was speaking on a panel for the CT Business Expo. During the question and answer period, an audience member was kind enough to share her business challenge with us. She’s in the speed reading business, and she told us that her market was the entire reading population. Her challenge was finding… Continue Reading »

How to Get Your Customers to Turn Their Chairs for You (And Stick with You)


This Monday marked the kickoff of the fourth season of the reality TV show The Voice. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s a singing competition with a twist; the contestants audition for a panel of four judges, but the judges cannot see them as they perform. Rather, if the judges like what they… Continue Reading »

Clique Marketing: Understand How To Connect


Everything you really need to know about marketing you learned – in high school – and probably the hard way! Think back to your alma mater or picture a film like Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, or Sixteen Candles. High school is all about finding your place in society and discovering where you fit in. Everyone… Continue Reading »