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Work It, Girl: The Shift from “Deserved” to “Earned”


If you’re a Millennial, the economy’s been in pretty rough shape for pretty much your entire life. At the same time, it’s been absolutely normal for women to be active in the workforce, every bit as ambitious and successful as their male counterparts. These two factors are part of what Centurion editor Hedda Schupak has… Continue Reading »

Better Safe Than Sorry? Not If You’re Trying to Connect With Millennial Customers


In reviewing Micah Solomon’s excellent Forbes article, “2015 Is The Year of the Millennial,” I came across this bit that I’d like to share with you. After explaining that members of the Millennial generation define themselves as being willing to risk some level of danger in pursuit of excitement and adventure, Solomon writes, “Embracing danger… Continue Reading »

Why Your Millennial Marketing Is Off Target


Do you have a marketing campaign designed specifically to reach your millennial customers? One campaign or approach simply isn’t enough, according to the market research firm, Exponential. This generation of shoppers, aged 18-33, is quite diverse. A one-size-fits-all campaign to reach them is doomed to fail. What should you do instead? Perhaps it’s time to… Continue Reading »