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Gamer Girls…They’re Everywhere


When you hear the word “gamer” what do you think of? The stereotypical image of gamers is that they’re overwhelming male. That stereotypical image is wrong, according to recent research by the Jun Group. 60% of female survey respondents reported playing they are mobile games on a daily basis, compared to less than half of… Continue Reading »

Want Loyalty? Rapid Rewards Required


Customer loyalty programs are incredibly popular. More than one out of every two customers participates in some form of retail loyalty program, according to the 2017 Colloquy Loyalty Census. Customers enjoy loyalty programs because they save money and are able to access special benefits not available to ‘ordinary’ shoppers. That being said, loyalty program growth… Continue Reading »

Ditch The Card: Mobile Loyalty Programs May Be The Next Big Thing


Last week, we talked about why mobile matters to the Must-Have Brand. This week, we’re going to continue with the mobile theme, focused on one particular tactic that should be of interest to every jewelry brand out there: the loyalty program. Technology is forcing the loyalty program to take on a new form. Click To… Continue Reading »