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Mobile: Making The Holidays Merrier for Retailers


The holiday crunch season is officially here. Make sure you’re paying plenty of attention to your mobile messaging. Target recently reported, via Think With Google, that more than 75% of all of their customer’s shopping experiences begin on a mobile device. While that number may be on the high side due to Target’s size and… Continue Reading »

She’s Using Her Smartphone In Your Store…Are You Steamed or Thrilled?


Picture this for a moment: you’re having a sales event featuring one of your favorite designers. There’s a nice sized crowd, people seem like they’re having a good time, and one of your customers seems to be focused entirely on her iPhone. 42% of shoppers use their smartphones to research brands online while shopping. Click… Continue Reading »

Mobile’s Changing Everything – And Not In The Way You Might Think


Just this morning, I watched one woman, deeply engrossed with her smartphone, walk directly into another woman who was doing the same thing. The collision was relatively minor – and so was each woman’s reaction to the event. There were some muttered apologies from each, and they went on their way. The fact they’d run… Continue Reading »