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Adult Women Outnumber Teenage Boys as the Largest Demographic in Gaming


Mobile gaming is one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways to acquire new customers, yet many businesses don’t consider gaming in their marketing mix because they’re not trying to connect with teenage boys – the presumptive players of mobile games. New research from Crimson Hexagon’s US Consumer Trends Reports reveals that it’s women 35 and older… Continue Reading »

A smartphone being used by a consumer

How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Shop


Pay attention to the way customers shop with you this holiday season. You’re going to see that buying behaviors have changed compared to previous years – particularly when compared to those years before smartphones! Here’s how things are different: More Frequent, Smaller Shopping Experiences: Google has recently reported that more than half of all holiday… Continue Reading »

Mobile’s Changing Everything – And Not In The Way You Might Think


Just this morning, I watched one woman, deeply engrossed with her smartphone, walk directly into another woman who was doing the same thing. The collision was relatively minor – and so was each woman’s reaction to the event. There were some muttered apologies from each, and they went on their way. The fact they’d run… Continue Reading »

Facebook Makes Over Mobile Pages


It’s been a few weeks since we last reported a Facebook change, so it seems that it was only a matter of time. Recognizing mobile’s widespread use, yesterday Facebook announced a new layout for Pages in mobile format. The social media giant stated the new look is, “tailored to the way people look at information… Continue Reading »