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Mobile Marketing Reaches Luxury Buyers


Today, I’ve got the great privilege of presenting at the SMART Jewelry Show in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights of the eye-opening information about mobile marketing that I’ll be sharing there: Google has announced that 2014 may be the year that mobile search takes over from other forms of search. Luxury buyers –… Continue Reading »

Do You Need A New Website?


There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a small business owner like the suggestion that it might be time to re-do the website. The question “Do I really have to?” is a very common response. To answer that question, you have to understand how your customers are accessing your website. In the past… Continue Reading »

Differences Between Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Mobile Websites

Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and Web Apps: Do You Know the Difference?


With so many digital marketing tools at our disposal, it can be easy to confuse them, especially when they have overlapping features and functions. One of the misunderstandings that we run into quite frequently relates to web applications, mobile applications and mobile websites. These platforms are often seen as interchangeable tools when in fact they… Continue Reading »