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This Post Is Really About Multi-Channel Marketing & Not One Bit About The Super Bowl. Really.


Every year, the entire nation comes to a stop to celebrate football’s ultimate event: the Super Bowl. Tickets sold out very quickly, and right now, as this blog post is being written, the very cheapest legit tickets available on the second market cost over $1,500. People who can’t make it into the stadium will be… Continue Reading »

How Long Should Multi-Channel Advertising Campaigns Last?


One of the biggest challenges business owners face is determining how long any given marketing campaign should last. This is especially true for multi-channel campaigns, when you have all of your company’s messaging vehicles focused on one specific message; whether that’s promoting a sales event, a particular line of merchandise, or another offer. It turns… Continue Reading »

It’s 2015: Multi-Channel Marketing is No Longer Optional


A new year brings a new reality to business owners: we can no longer pretend that multi-channel marketing is something we can choose to do or not do. Today’s consumers have significant customer service expectations. They take it for granted that they can reach us via their social media platform of choice, as well as… Continue Reading »