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Digital Security Is More Important Now Than Ever


The time to go fishing is when the fish are biting. The time when unscrupulous people will try to hack into your website or social media profiles is during periods of high activity, such as the holiday season. Hijacking your digital presence now, when customers are actively engaged in mobile shopping and other holiday activities… Continue Reading »

Sorry, Sony: You Can’t Get The Horse Back Into the Barn


As you may have heard, Sony Pictures Entertainment was recently the victim of a massive cyberhacking attack. While no one is as yet exactly sure what happened, it is believed that either North Korea or one of their allies perpetrated the breach in advance of the release of The Interview, a forthcoming movie believed to… Continue Reading »

Security on Twitter

140 Character Catastrophe: AP Hack Highlights The Need For Twitter Security


1.9 million people heard the story from Twitter first. The Associated Press (AP), one of the most respected news sources on the planet, was reporting that there had been two explosions at the White House, and that President Barack Obama had been injured. The good news: the Tweet was fake, entirely a hacker’s creation. The… Continue Reading »