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The Search is Over: Examining the Connections Between SEM & Social Media


It is in human nature to seek clearly defined objects, theories and principles that can be clearly classified and categorized, creating black and white boundaries between what is and what is not. For this reason, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing are often seen as two mutually exclusive strategies. In other words, it’s widely… Continue Reading »

The 10 Stages of a Google Algorithm Change


As told by The Hunger Games We’ve all been there. Google announces an update and we’re crippled with fear, not unlike a Tribute in the Hunger Games right after her name has been called during the Reaping. From fear and bargaining to acceptance and action, we’ll take you through the whole process of adjusting after… Continue Reading »

SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


All too often business owners assume that after two months of working with an SEO team, their business will be on the first page of Google for all their desired keywords, and remain there for the long haul, allowing them to discontinue their SEO efforts. Sadly, this is rarely the case. SEO takes time: time… Continue Reading »

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Adding Highlighted Data to Your Website


Have you ever searched for something on Google and found that some results look different than others? Some of the items have reviews or images showing up in the search results. Your eye goes right to those results and you take a second to see if that is the site you were interested in as… Continue Reading »