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4 Ways to Encourage Your Customer to Talk About You on Social Media


We all want our customers to talk about us on social media, but how exactly do those conversations start? It turns out that the brands that are the most visible on social media put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating that visibility. Customers sometimes need to be talked into being brand advocates…. Continue Reading »

The Silver Screen and the Second Screen


As technology becomes more widespread, our attention spans are only getting shorter. The simple act of watching TV is punctuated by social media, online shopping, mobile games & more. Now over 84% of US tablet and smartphone users are on these devices while they watch TV, if they haven’t cut the cord all together. While… Continue Reading »

Selfies: A Social Media Marketing Tool You Should Know About


It’s not news that social media is a heavily image-driven phenomenon. Facebook’s recent reconfiguration made pictures larger and more prominent. Twitter streams now have photos showing up between 140-character commentary. Instagram is exclusively photo driven. Clearly, people love to take and share pictures. But what are they taking pictures of? Mostly, it turns out, people… Continue Reading »