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Top 5 Apps for Last Minute Shopping


‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the land People have realized their shopping did not gone as planned Between work, parties and holiday events At the end of each day they found themselves thoroughly spent The last place they wanted to be was the mall But there was still time, so they decided… Continue Reading »

4 Fantastic Ways Tech Can Make Your Black Friday Better


Some people love Black Friday. These super-shoppers begin planning their holiday gift-gathering extravaganza weeks in advance, planning out what stores they’re going to go to and what they’re going to buy with a precision that puts the most experienced military logistics experts to shame. Other people aren’t as fond of Black Friday. They use the… Continue Reading »

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Retailers: Are You Using Apps Effectively?


More than half of the nation’s smartphone users report that shopping apps play an increasingly important role in their purchasing decisions. Smartphone apps are an easy way for customers to comparison shop, search for deals, and discover new products, services, and retailers. As a retailer or small business owner, you need to be aware of… Continue Reading »