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What Motivates Your Customers to Buy?


On June 6th, I was speaking on a panel for the CT Business Expo. During the question and answer period, an audience member was kind enough to share her business challenge with us. She’s in the speed reading business, and she told us that her market was the entire reading population. Her challenge was finding… Continue Reading »

Copy Cat: What To Do When You’re Copied


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But when you own a business and you find another business imitating you to the extreme, you are not flattered – let’s face it you are annoyed. One of the things we are taught in business is to find what makes us “unique” and capitalize on… Continue Reading »

Famous Feuds: Learning From Competition in Business


We’ve all experienced the frustration of a competitor encroaching on our territory, copying our products or ad campaigns, beating us to market, or establishing a presence in our domain. Let’s take a look at famous company competitions and what we can learn from their brand battles. Lesson 1: Brand Equity can be Difficult to Overcome… Continue Reading »