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Snapchat’s About To get Stomped-and Pinterest is in Danger


Herman Melville may have known a lot about whale hunting, but the Moby Dick author was clueless about social media. He wrote that it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. The leadership at Snapchat aren’t likely to agree. Snapchat pioneered some really nifty social media constructs, especially their Stories feature…. Continue Reading »

Social Media’s Surprising Ace: Wimbledon Uses Snapchat to Boost Fan Engagement


Wimbledon is the embodiment of traditional British culture. The world’s oldest tennis tournament has many rules: players must wear all white – no exceptions – and there is no advertising allowed around the courts. Umpires use formal forms of address when communicating with the athletes, and the ball boys and girls are trained to be… Continue Reading »

Snapchat is Getting Ready to be Your Next Sales Channel


This year, Snapchat turns five years old. If the platform was a person, it would be the age of a kindergartner – a time of serious change and maturation in any child’s life. And in fact, Snapchat is getting ready for some big changes. Earlier this month, Snapchat announced it is working on an API… Continue Reading »