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Small Business Owners: Google+ Matters More Than You Might Realize


When Google+ first appeared on the scene, the response from small business owners was, at best, underwhelming. Who wanted –or needed? – another social media network to manage? Google+’s value was not proven, where more familiar platforms like Facebook and Twitter were delivering results in terms of both brand-building and actual sales. There certainly seemed… Continue Reading »

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Don’t Let Your Social Media Get Stale


One of the best things about digital marketing is that we’re always gaining ground. New tools, techniques and platforms are becoming relevant all of the time. We’re promoting our businesses in an environment rich with opportunities – but it’s just as full of peril. In the active, dynamic social media world, it’s very easy for… Continue Reading »

Back to School Sessions with Technology Therapy Group


Fall is universally known as back to school season as kids across the country fill their backpacks with fresh notebooks and pencils and climb aboard that big yellow bus after a long summer off. But you can still experience the excitement of going back to school, even if you’ve long since graduated! There’s always something… Continue Reading »

How Not to Achieve Overnight Social Media Success

Want Overnight Success On Social Media? Here’s How Not To Do It


If I had a dollar for every time a business owner told me they wanted our team to create a viral video or other piece of catchy content so they could become an overnight success on social media, I would be a very rich woman indeed. But – unfortunately for my bank account! – creating… Continue Reading »