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Social Media Management: Don't Manufacture Your Content

Don’t Manufacture Your Social Media


Once upon a time, Chris Brogan said you should never outsource your social media. I’ll admit it – I was more than a little miffed with him. There’s a lot to doing social media properly. You need a combination of technological prowess, marketing insights, and organizational skill to put it all together. Adding these tasks… Continue Reading »

Facebook Changes Puts New Emphasis on Original Content


Facebook’s latest announced series of changes means it’s more important than ever for small business owners to create and share their own engaging content rather than relying on content other people have already shared. Pages that rely too much on third-party content will be ‘de-emphasized’, meaning you’ll be reaching fewer people. The question becomes how… Continue Reading »

A Guide to Outsourcing Your Social Media Management


On Tuesday we discussed the real cost of social media, but we saved one important cost for today: the fees associated with hiring someone to manage your social media. Balancing the Costs and Benefits Just as with any decision you make for your business, you should perform a cost benefit analysis before you decide to… Continue Reading »