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Get Ready for More Metrics from Facebook


Business owners and marketing agencies alike have been asking Facebook for more information about how users view and engage with page content and advertising. At last the giant social media platform has agreed, announcing that it will be introducing new metrics and measurement tools for marketers on a monthly basis. This staged roll out gives… Continue Reading »

Intimidation Isn’t Permanent


Here at The Technology Therapy Group, we spend a lot of time talking about the technological aspects of running your business. But today we’re going to put on our therapist hats, and talk about one of the main reasons business owners don’t make use of a powerful growth tool they already have at their disposal:… Continue Reading »

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score: A New Tool for B2B Brands


Do you know the old saying, “Half of my advertising works, I’m just not sure which half?” That saying may no longer apply in the Content Marketing arena. LinkedIn has recently rolled out a Content Marketing Scoring tool that lets users see who has engaged with their content – in other words, read the article… Continue Reading »