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Target Misses the Mark in Response to Data Breach


Historically, the thought of sharing a credit card number to make purchases over the internet has made more than a few shoppers uneasy. While our comfort with online shopping has certainly grown, as evidenced by the $2.29 billion in online sales on Cyber Monday alone, there are still a fair amount of individuals who have… Continue Reading »

Are You Afraid of Your Customers? Should You Be?


Every month, it seems, we’re presented with a story about a customer using the power of social media to spread the word about the way they’ve been done wrong by a small business. It could be a disappointing meal that causes the customer to get out their phone and Tweet about it; it could be… Continue Reading »

Responding to (and Preventing) Social Media Scandals


Even when you’ve developed a winning strategy for your business, you are still vulnerable to social media scandals. Case in point: Taco Bell’s most recent social media controversy. Let’s review why Taco Bell’s social media strategy generally works, what happened to jeopardize this strategy, and how the fast food giant is recovering from the scandal…. Continue Reading »