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Hype on the Vine


Last October Twitter acquired a short-video taking app now known as Vine. The app was finally released in the Apple App Store in January and it recently exploded, topping the US charts for free apps. Much like Twitter, Vine forces brevity on its users, limiting them to just 6 seconds of total video time, though… Continue Reading »

Facebook’s Graph Search: What Does It Mean for Your Business?


By now you’ve probably heard that Facebook introduced a new feature called Graph Search on Tuesday, January 15th, but do you know how it works – and more importantly, how it will affect your business? What is Graph Search? Just in case you aren’t entirely sure of what this new feature actually does, here is… Continue Reading »

visual marketing

Visual Marketing: Do You Get the Picture?


The written word can skillfully describe who you are and what you do, but the old stand-by “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be more impactful. How else can we explain the growing popularity of infographics and Instagram, the viral sensation of memes, why photos get more likes than any other type of… Continue Reading »