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Twouble Ahead? Twitter May Be Changing How Users See Content


If you’ve been using social media to market your business, you’re likely already aware how Facebook uses a complex algorithm to control what content users see, significantly limiting the reach of the content you post unless you pay to have it promoted. Rumors that a similar change may be coming to Twitter was enough to… Continue Reading »

July 2014 Social Media News Round-Up

Social Media Round-Up: July 2014


It’s been a few months since we gathered the latest social media changes and updates, meaning it’s high time for a round-up! These are some of the notable changes across the most popular platforms. Facebook Recently, Facebook has made several efforts to make their platform more video-friendly, taking a few pages out of YouTube’s book…. Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Do You Need One (Or More!) For Your Business


I don’t know what they’ve got in the water over at LinkedIn, but I want some. They just keep rolling out improvement after improvement to their social media platform. The latest – and I think one of the greatest! – is the new Showcase Page. You may be wondering what a Showcase Page is, and… Continue Reading »

Google+ Updates Go Responsive


Over the past few months, Google has been shall we say “motivating” people to sign-up for Google+. The platform has been adding new features and enhancing old ones. Last week Google+ rolled out their newest updates to users. New Layout: Google is not fooling around when it comes to leveraging responsive design. Your profile will… Continue Reading »