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Mobile to Help Taco Bell Put the Fast in Fast Food


Taco Bell is no stranger to our blog, and though they’ve had their share of blunders, generally we’re pointing out their ingenious uses of tech. This blog post is no different! Taco Bell has long since been known for their speed – their target wait time for peak hours is just 50 seconds – but… Continue Reading »


Responding to (and Preventing) Social Media Scandals


Even when you’ve developed a winning strategy for your business, you are still vulnerable to social media scandals. Case in point: Taco Bell’s most recent social media controversy. Let’s review why Taco Bell’s social media strategy generally works, what happened to jeopardize this strategy, and how the fast food giant is recovering from the scandal…. Continue Reading »


Pranks a Lot: A Guide to Pulling Off April Fools Jokes for Your Business


On Wednesday, March 20th, American Eagle Outfitters released a video advertising their newest product, the AEO Skinny Skinny Jeans, which has since gone viral. At first the ad appears to be consistent with the company’s marketing, but then viewers notice something peculiar – the models aren’t actually wearing pants; they have “jeans” painted on their… Continue Reading »


Taco Bell “Thinks Outside the Buns” on Facebook


Though Taco Bell has adopted the new slogan of “Live Mas” this year, it’s clear that they are still thinking outside the bun(s) when it comes to customer appreciation. It only takes a quick glance at Taco Bell’s Facebook or Twitter to see that they not only show brand personality, they are ready to express… Continue Reading »