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Should Your Store Look Like Your Website?


Everybody sleeps, but not everybody wants to buy a mattress online. Nest Bedding has always embraced an omnichannel strategy, with a very robust e-commerce presence as well as brick and mortar locations. What’s really interesting, as Digiday reports, is how the physical store locations’ design and aesthetic was influenced by the website. [Customers] are going… Continue Reading »

Can You Really Outsource All of Your Social Media?


We’ll start this article by stating the obvious: among the suite of services we provide to our clients is social media marketing. Social media is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers; it’s increasingly important as a customer service channel, and, when advertising tools are used strategically, social media boosts brand visibility… Continue Reading »

Understanding Intelligent Content


There are two reasons why it’s time to take a hard look at the content you have on your website. The first is the steadily increasing percentage of online inquiries that are voice searches. ComScore reports that we’ll hit 50% by 2020, as smart speakers become as much a part of our lives as smartphones… Continue Reading »

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Visual Marketing: Do You Get the Picture?


The written word can skillfully describe who you are and what you do, but the old stand-by “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be more impactful. How else can we explain the growing popularity of infographics and Instagram, the viral sensation of memes, why photos get more likes than any other type of… Continue Reading »