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Boost Your Tech Confidence Levels To Save Your Business Money


As you can imagine, being the Tech Therapist, I’m very fond of technology. So much creativity and innovation has gone into designing powerful tools that can make our lives exponentially easier – but to realize the true value of these tools, we have to be able to use them to their fullest. What stops people… Continue Reading »

Like it Or Not Tech Is Getting Intimate


Technology is getting more personal each day, with 63% of users between 18 and 29 sleeping with a mobile device in their bed, and wearable technology emerging as one of the top industry trends for 2014. But is technology a place for romance? According to a recent survey from the UK, people are beginning to… Continue Reading »

Using Technology To Drive Innovation & Growth


On Thursday, October 17th I was excited to be a speaker at the NY Business Expo. I was on a great panel, discussing “Using Technology to Drive Innovation & Grow Your Business .” I shared with the audience that when I started my business as a junior at Hoftsra University, technology was my greatest competitive… Continue Reading »