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Touching or Tacky: When Brands Should & Shouldn’t Comment on Current Events


Prince’s death came as a big shock to music lovers around the world. News that the 57 year old musician had passed away caused instant headlines and a massive outpouring of grief on social media. In the midst of it all, Cheerios, which is based out of Minnesota, Prince’s home state, Tweeted an image that… Continue Reading »

Do We Have The Right To Be Forgotten?


Earlier this week, the European Union’s highest court ruled that Google must, upon request, remove links to personal information that may be outdated or inaccurate. It’s a decision that has sparked fierce debate between free speech advocates and people who place a high value on personal privacy. In Europe, the right to be forgotten –… Continue Reading »

Words Matter: Sheryl Sandberg’s #BanBossy Campaign


I grew up in a family where you could say almost anything. The one thing you couldn’t say – at least without hearing about it from my Mom! – was “Shut Up!” Those words were strictly off-limits. That wasn’t the case at some of my friends’ houses. There, the “Shut Ups!” flew fast and furious…. Continue Reading »