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Give Your Digital Marketing a Good Spring Cleaning


Spring is a transitional period for all of us; a time to get rid of our clutter, clear away the cobwebs and dust that might have built up during our winter doldrums and start fresh. But this concept doesn’t just apply to your home; now is the perfect time to review your digital marketing, pull… Continue Reading »

Marketing Lessons from Mom: Be You!


It’s funny how you can remember things so clearly from your childhood. I remember being in 7th grade and begging my mom for a pair of floral printed jeans like the other girls were wearing. She asked me why I wanted them, to which I replied that everyone else was wearing them. In true mom… Continue Reading »

Web Design: Looks Attract But Don't Keep

Looks Attract, but They Don’t Keep


Growing up, I would wonder why some people were paired with other people. There were definitely couples who didn’t ‘match’: one partner was exceptionally good-looking while the other person – well, not so much. Being young, this made absolutely no sense to me. I was making a classic mistake of looking only at things on… Continue Reading »

3 Important Things You Need To Know About Site Maps


Do you know what this is? This is a site map. A site map is a detailed visual representation of all of the content on your website, showing how it is arranged. It’s absolutely essential that you have a site map. You may be wondering why: after all, your website likely has navigation built into… Continue Reading »