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Options When Building a Custom Website

Building a Custom Website: Understanding Your Options


When you’ve made the commitment to developing a new website, understanding all of your available options is imperative in order to create a site that will support your current and future goals. We’ve broken out a few of the styles of websites provided that you may want to be considering and discussing with your web… Continue Reading »

Best Practices: Development & Test Web Sites


There’s a saying in the tech field: A website is never done. This is very true for growing businesses. There are always changes and upgrades to be made. Companies that invest in custom websites learn the value of making changes and edits to continually meet and exceed client expectations. But how do you roll out… Continue Reading »

4 Steps to Building an Effective Website – Step 4: Research & Functionality


If you have been working through the first 3 steps of developing your website, you have undoubtedly been busy! Throughout the process I am sure the desire to discuss how it will work has come to mind. I’ve listed this as the final step because it has been my experience that many people end up… Continue Reading »

4 Steps to Building an Effective Website – Step 1: Identify Business Goals of Your Website


This past weekend I was home sick and Ocean’s Thirteen was on cable. During the movie the character Roman Nagel, played by Eddie Izzard, says to the characters Danny & Rusty, “Boys you’re analog players in a digital world”. I always loved this line; it reminds me so much of business today. So many people… Continue Reading »