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Friday Feature: TTG & CHBA


Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association wanted a better way to build awareness about their services and position themselves as a go-to resource to the local Christian Science community and nationwide. They felt that their pre-existing website was difficult to navigate and did not provide a useful outlet to effectively disseminate the information that the Christian Science… Continue Reading »

3 Signs It’s Time For a New Web Design & Development Team


Growing a small business is like training to be an Olympic athlete. Let’s continue this comparison with one of my favorite Olympic sports – gymnastics. When you start out in the sport, you are young. First you learn to tumble and then flip, but once you have mastered the basics and you realize you love… Continue Reading »

Feature Friday: Technology Therapy 2013


2012 was a wonderful year for all of us here at The Technology Therapy Group. We had a milestone birthday – we turned 15. That’s right, the business I started my junior year at Hofstra University under a completely different name has morphed into the company we are today. Milestones make you reflect, they make… Continue Reading »

talisen project

Talisen Construction Corp


Client: Talisen Construction Corp Project: Logo, Website, Marketing Postcards, Business Card Design, Letterhead, Marketing Brochures We began working with Talisen Construction Corp from the very beginning; the two principals, Robert and Joseph, had branched off from their long careers to create their own Manhattan-based construction management company, and they came to us to help them… Continue Reading »