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Scroll On: Why Scrolling is the New Normal


If you jumped on the web bandwagon early for your business, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “above the fold.” This is the idea that you should have everything important on each web page positioned such that the user does not need to scroll down to see it. Five, three, or maybe even just one… Continue Reading »

Web Apps: So Easy a Baby Can Use Them


Letting a toddler play with your smart phone seems harmless. After all, they won’t hack your social media or send embarrassing texts to your ex. But one Portland dad has learned that lending his phone to his 14-month-old daughter was a costly mistake. In the few minutes that she had his smartphone she opened his… Continue Reading »

How To Avoid Alienating Your Website Visitors


The average internet user in the US spends 32 hours per month online. Spending this much time online means that users run into things they like and things that make them a little frustrated. Below is a list of features that generally annoy users and should be avoided on your site. Logo NOT Linking to… Continue Reading »