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It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: Understanding Copywriting


Once upon a time, there were two Buddhist monks who loved to smoke. They were passionate smokers, stealing any chance they could to enjoy a cigarette. It seemed to them that the world would be perfect if they could smoke all of the time. But being monks, they were required to regularly stop smoking for… Continue Reading »

Don’t Be Afraid of Adjectives: Copy Writing That Works


Small business owners face a unique challenge when it comes to creating copy for their websites. The language on your site needs to serve at least three purposes: Inform your customer about your business’ service or product offerings Serve as a sales tool, convincing the customer they want to buy from you Impact your site’s… Continue Reading »

Which Comes First Website Copy or Design?

Ask The Web Developer: What Comes First – Copy or Design?


When we’re working with a business owner to help them develop a more effective online presence, one question comes up time and time again. When you’re creating a new website, which comes first: copy writing or design? It’s not a bad question. It’s just generally less relevant than you might think. Copy and design are… Continue Reading »