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4 Steps to Building an Effective Website – Step 4: Research & Functionality


If you have been working through the first 3 steps of developing your website, you have undoubtedly been busy! Throughout the process I am sure the desire to discuss how it will work has come to mind. I’ve listed this as the final step because it has been my experience that many people end up… Continue Reading »

4 Steps to Building an Effective Website – Step 2: Build Your Map


Once you have identified the business goals of your website, you will have a clear picture of how your website will need to work for you. Think of it this way, now you know where you are going next, but you still need the map on how to get there. In terms of the web… Continue Reading »

Prevent Hackers from Having It Their Way


On Monday (2/18/13), fast food giant Burger King’s official Twitter account was hacked. Though the hackers retained the @BurgerKing handle, that’s about all they left untouched. The name was changed to their biggest rival – McDonald’s – with golden arches replacing the Burger King logo as the main image and a picture of McDonald’s latest… Continue Reading »