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Technology Therapist Voted Small Business Influencer Champion


Today is turning out to be a pretty good day! We’ve just learned that our very own Jennifer Shaheen has been voted into Small Biz Trends elite Small Business Influencer Champion corps. Nearly two thousand small business owners, experts, and colleagues came together to agree that Jennifer is playing a pivotal role in changing the way we all do business.

“It’s a great honor,” Jennifer said. “When you are an entrepreneur yourself, when you know what it takes to keep a business going day in and day out, it deepens your understanding of and respect for those small business owners who are out there every day. To have those same people choose you, and say they value the information I’ve been sharing with them means so much to me.”

Jennifer Shaheen: Small Business Influencer Champion

“The web is changing every day. Social media changes every day. But the fundamentals of what it takes to run a small business successfully remain consistent. You have to understand your customers, and what they want from you. You have to understand your own business, and what makes you really special in the marketplace,” Jennifer said, explaining her comprehensive approach to small business marketing. “Our role is to identify and deploy the very best marketing tools – digital and traditional; the website, the social media, the entire package – that will communicate this most effectively.”

You have to understand your customers, and what they want from you.

“I love working with business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level. The excitement that comes with seeing start ups launch successfully and good companies finally getting the visibility and attention they deserve – that’s what kept me going through 2013, and that’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014.”

We’d like you to join us in celebrating this recognition of Jennifer’s skills, ability, vision and influence. If you’d like to see what she – and the rest of the TTG team – can do to take your company to the next level, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today!

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