Thank You For Your Service


Veteran’s Day is a special time when we, as a nation, pause to honor and recognize the tremendous sacrifice and commitment of American servicemen and women.

It’s not an easy thing to serve this country. We’ve been involved in very violent overseas conflicts for over a decade now. Last year, Forbes magazine reported that over a million veterans have been injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. That number has only risen with each passing day. Our fighting men and women come back home, many times with horrible, life-changing injuries, to find they’ve got yet another front to face: a tough economy, monumentally less-than-adequate healthcare and support resources, and a civilian population that doesn’t seem to be aware that we’re at war at all. There are nearly 20 million veterans, but that’s less than 1 percent of our total national population. It’s not surprising that many veterans feel like they’re invisible.

The Technology Therapy Group would like all the veterans out there to know you’re not invisible. We see you. We know what it means to leave everything behind – your family, your friends, your community – and take up arms half a world away. We know that the promise to defend the Constitution, no matter what, isn’t the easiest promise to make, much less keep – and we know that you’ve done it. Everything we have – our life, our liberty, our happiness – is due to the sacrifice you’ve made to keep this country safe. We’ve seen what you’ve done, and we are very, very grateful.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Thank You For Your Service
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Thank You For Your Service
This Veteran's Day we'd like to take the time to thank all those who have served for our country. We are so grateful for your sacrifice, this and every day of the year!

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