The Road to Recognition: A Case Study in Boosting Store Prominence Using Instagram


Here’s How the Story Started

Instagram Screenshot Roberson's Fine JewelryRoberson’s is a family-owned, full service jeweler located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their clientele is extremely sophisticated and fashion-conscious. Roberson’s caters to them by providing the looks that start the trends, including exclusive offerings from some of the world’s most exciting designers.

It’s absolutely vital to understand which social media platforms are most relevant to your customer base. This understanding has to go beyond scanning demographic statistics for the region and making assumptions based thereon; success requires fully leveraging the insights and first-hand understanding of the customer base that only the retailer can have.

Roberson’s came to us with several actionable insights, including the fact that one of the things their clientele valued the most was information about their favorite jewelry designers and brands.

Delivering this desirable content in the right format, at the right times, became a key part of an overall marketing strategy that includes social media, in-store events, and omni-channel promotion.

Taking a Closer Look

Roberson's Fine Jewelry A. Link Instagram Post Roberson’s customers love and spend a lot of time on Instagram. To achieve best results, the look and content of the Instagram posts Roberson’s clientele encounters must reinforce both the retailer’s brand and the appeal of the distinctive designer lines they carry. It’s a balancing act.

Understanding the Instagram platform is also critical. You’ll note that our posts include both hashtags and an @ reference to the A. Link brand. Other best practices that can help boost the effectiveness of an Instagram post include the use of location tags and video.

Finally, any effective social media strategy must take into account the ideal number and timing of posts. It is important to combine the known best practices of sector-leading brands, which put the ideal number between 11-30 posts monthly, and knowledge of one’s customer base and social media habits to reach the specific number of posts that’s right for you. Of that total number, a significant portion should be devoted to promoting your offerings.

When It’s Done Right, People Notice

Roberson's Fine Jewelry in A. Link Retailer Spotlight on Instagram Smart brands value their retail partners just as much as the retail partners value the brand. A. Link recently presented Roberson’s Fine Jewelry with a turn in their prestigious “Retailer Spotlight”. This post is more than an affirmation of a decade-long working relationship; it highlights the specific actions Roberson’s takes to promote A. Link on Instagram and Twitter.

This post was seen by a lot of people. The legions of A. Link fans now know where to go for a great shopping experience when they’re looking for a dazzling diamond creation; Roberson’s customers and followers can bask in the recognition that they’ve made a great choice in their selection of a favorite jewelry store. The wide range of hashtags used on this post exposed it to an even wider audience: geographic tags like Little Rock and Arkansas, combined with shopping prompts like local business and jewelry store, can bring this laudatory post to the attention Instagrammers who are in the midst of their holiday shopping.

It was also seen by people who pay attention to the jewelry industry, identifying the movers and shakers who are well worth keeping an eye on:

JCK Congratulates Roberson's Fine Jewelry There are many ways to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. One way is to consider the level of engagement your posts receive, with particular attention paid to who is choosing to engage with you. When leading brands and industry publications are recognizing your efforts, you know something is definitely going right.

If these are the type of results you’re getting from your marketing, congratulations! We’ve enjoyed reading about your successes. If things aren’t quite there yet, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about taking things to the next level.

The Road to Recognition: A Case Study in Boosting Store Prominence Using Instagram
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The Road to Recognition: A Case Study in Boosting Store Prominence Using Instagram
There are many ways to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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