To Be The Must Have Jewelry Brand, Know Why Mobile Matters


Many more people go online using their smartphone or tablet computer than via a laptop or desktop computer. In fact, over 60% of all web traffic occurs via a mobile device. If you’ve been following the tech trends, this probably isn’t news to you – but it may very well be news to the jewelry retailers who are carrying your brand. What can you do to help them sell more jewelry in this brave new world?

Let Them Know How Much Mobile Matters

Not every retailer realizes how central mobile devices have come to customers’ lives – or what marketing opportunities the rise of mobile creates. Let your retailers know mobile is about more than having a mobile-friendly website; there’s also sales opportunities available via SMS text messaging campaigns, app creation or participation, and more!

Create a Web Page Designed for In Store Shoppers

Research has shown that shoppers use their mobile devices to research purchases before, during, and after their in-store shopping excursions. Each of these touch points represents a sales opportunity. Ensure that your retailers have a sufficient web presence to cover the beginning and end of this process – specifically, your brand is displayed as agreed upon and that there’s clear contact and policies information on site.

Then create web content – preferably an entire page – for your retailers to host on their sites. This page should be designed to answer questions customer may have about your product as they’re shopping. Having this information readily available to potential buyers will move them steadily further into the sales funnel – great news for you and your retailer!

Provide your retailers with signage they can post near their display of your brand urging shoppers to visit the webpage for more information – it’s a small touch that can make a big difference.

Create a Text Alert Campaign

A text alert campaign would send customers who opt in a simple text message to let them know when their favorite jewelry brand (yours!) goes on sale at their favorite jewelry shop. It’s an easy way to do a little selling on your retailer’s behalf – all they need to do is post signage encouraging customers to sign up!

Make Mobile-Friendly a Requirement…Maybe

Must have brands need to be particular about which jewelry retailers they work with. At this point, it’s not an unreasonable expectation that the stores you work with have mobile-friendly websites. The amount of potential sales lost to websites that just aren’t mobile-friendly is too great.

Encourage the retailers you’re already working with to use the Google Mobile Friendly tool to assess their website. As you develop relationships with new retailers, the mobile-friendliness of their website should be among the criteria considered. Obviously, it’s not the only factor to take into account, but it’s an increasingly important one. In the years to come, no one would consider running a jewelry store without a mobile web presence any more than they’d try to do so without a sales staff!

To Be The Must Have Jewelry Brand, Know Why Mobile Matters
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To Be The Must Have Jewelry Brand, Know Why Mobile Matters
Becoming a top jewelry brand means providing the marketing tools your retailers and their customers need - including mobile marketing platforms.

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