What Kind of Unboxing Experience Are You Giving Your Customers?


Over the course of the past twelve months, American YouTube users have watched over 60 million hours of unboxing videos. That’s 1.1 billion views of people eagerly unpacking the items they’ve purchased online.

When you think unboxing, don’t imagine the everyday experience of opening shipping cartons full of inventory: think instead of a one-of-a-kind excitement, where the recipient dramatically narrates their feelings and reactions as they theatrically unpack a long-awaited shipment. It’s surprisingly compelling to watch, and savvy brands are making the most of it by upping their shipping game.

Now is the time to consider how your customers receive their jewelry, particularly if they’re buying directly from you. There are many factors that go into shipping your merchandise, including item security and packing best practices to eliminate the risk of jewelry becoming damaged while in transit.

Now, in addition to those factors, you’ll want to think through how everything looks, feels and functions for your customer when they receive their package – and how that entire experience will be seen by potentially thousands of YouTube viewers.

Video is obviously a visual medium: consider the colors and patterning of your boxes and packaging material. Tactile considerations count too. Unboxers often comment on the feel of the items they encounter as they ‘dig in’ – making special note of nice features as well as those things they find to be not so great. Think strategically: brands that include experiential elements in their packaging – which can be something as simple as including stickers or other small free swag items. Benefit from the boost that comes from fans enthusiastically squealing over their discoveries.

Monitor YouTube for unboxing videos related to your jewelry. Acknowledging the YouTubers’ efforts is a nice, classy touch that can do a lot to strengthen the relationship between your customers and your brand. Share the best of these via your social media accounts, as well as on your website.

What Kind of Unboxing Experience Are You Giving Your Customers?
Article Name
What Kind of Unboxing Experience Are You Giving Your Customers?
Take advantage of the documentation trend on Youtube of people unboxing their shipped purchases by make your customers unboxing experiences ones they will be eager to share.

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