Understanding Agnosticism: Platforms & Devices Don’t Matter As Much as They Used To


When you’re talking about building your jewelry brand online, a phrase you’ll hear a lot is agnosticism – customers are said to be platform agnostic, device agnostic, or both. Understanding what this means and why it’s important is a critical aspect of becoming a top jewelry brand.

Defining Platform Agnosticism

There are several places where your customer can encounter information about your jewelry brand. They can find beautiful images on Pinterest boards, shared by their friends. They may follow you on Facebook. They can see print ads featuring your brand in magazines and signage in the retail shops that carry you. They may even visit your website.

Everywhere they go, your customer expects the messaging they encounter regarding your brand to be both accurate and appealing. They don’t care whether they read about your new line or a special promotion on Facebook or heard it on a radio ad: they’re depending on this information to be reliable so they can make wise purchasing decisions. This phenomenon is known as platform agnosticism.

Defining Device Agnosticism

How many ways can your customer access the internet? Chances are they have a computer or laptop; they’re likely to own a smartphone; they may also have a tablet. The web can also be accessed through gaming consoles and increasingly, wearable tech.

Device agnosticism refers to the fact that your customer doesn’t care which of their many devices they’re using to connect with your brand. They want the experience to be flawless. This means your website in particular must be configured to look and function superbly on multiple screen devices.

Why Agnosticism Matters To Your Brand

We’ve already talked about how top brands support their retailers by providing extensive media support. To do this in a meaningful way, you have to provide your retailers with content they can share on multiple messaging platforms, both online and in traditional spaces. Your sharable content must be, as much as possible, platform and brand agnostic. This can mean creating the same imagery in a variety of sizes, crafting pre-made posts to adhere to varying character limits, and more.

Yes, it means a little more effort on your end up front, but you wind up with a suite of content retailers can use on all the platforms they have an established presence, ensuring your brand is represented in an accurate, appealing fashion. Embracing platform & device agnosticism makes it easy for customers to believe in your brand.

Understanding Agnosticism: Platforms & Devices Don’t Matter As Much as They Used To
Article Name
Understanding Agnosticism: Platforms & Devices Don’t Matter As Much as They Used To
Effectively marketing your jewelry brand means creating content for your retailers to use consistently across all platforms and devices.

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