Understanding Your Business Website: Landing Pages


What it is:

A landing page is a web page designed to be a visitor’s first point of contact with your company after that visitor clicked on a link someplace else, such as a Google AdWords or social media ad.

The best landing pages are designed to quickly and clearly communicate your brand’s messaging, effectively moving your web visitors deeper into the sales channel. This can be accomplished in several ways. Video is a very popular tool to use on landing pages, as is an incentive offer, where visitors are urged to share their contact information in return for a downloadable guide, savings coupon, or the like.

Why you need it:

Landing pages give the business owner the chance to put their best foot forward. Making a great first impression is always essential! When a customer reaches a landing page, their journey began with a specific advertisement: you already know they’re at least marginally interested in what you’re offering.

A great landing page is a carefully targeted sales pitch – retailers may even sell products directly from their landing pages! Use a landing page to give your customers a compelling reason to do business with you and an immediate, easy-to-identify way to move forward. The results: more sales, closed much faster than sending your customer to your website’s homepage in the hopes they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Another benefit landing pages offer is the ability to track the effectiveness of your Google Adwords or social media advertising. Delving into your websites’ Google Analytics will allow you to discover the volume and quality of traffic you’re capturing through your marketing campaigns. This is great information to have when you’re making decisions about where to best use your advertising dollars!

Understanding Your Business Website: Landing Pages
Article Name
Understanding Your Business Website: Landing Pages
Landing pages allow you to direct traffic from various sources to the right places and boost conversions!

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