Understanding Your Business Website: Responsive Design

What it is:

Responsive design is the art and science of making sure your website looks great and functions flawlessly on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The goal is to provide an easy-to-navigate, easy to read, effortless website experience – no resizing or panning required!

Why you need it:

There are many different devices website visitors can use to view your website. They have their computer in their home or office; chances are they also have a smartphone or tablet computer. Research has proven, time and time again, that website visitors are what’s called ‘device agnostic’ – they don’t care what device they’re using, they expect website performance to be flawless, no matter what.

Responsive design is integral to delivering that flawless performance. All of the potential devices your customer may be using have different size screens. A responsive design will adjust to display optimally, no matter what size the screen is, without your website visitor being forced to resize the text or otherwise adjust their device to navigate it. Bear in mind that people consume content differently on smaller screens: video is even more popular on mobile devices, and shorter content outperforms longer reads.

It’s important to understand that responsive web design is different than mobile website design. A mobile website is an entirely separate website, created and optimized specifically for smartphones and mobile devices. It features simpler navigation and less content than your regular website.

Ultimately, you must determine which option is best to reach your mobile customers, though in our book the benefits of responsive design make it the optimal choice. If you’re ready to get started on a responsive website, give us a call!

Understanding Your Business Website: Responsive Design
Article Name
Understanding Your Business Website: Responsive Design
Responsive design allows you to provide a seamless web experience across all of your customers' devices. Learn if it's right for your business.

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